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Lisa is amazing! I recently finished her 2 week yoga challenge and haven't felt better!
Having a daily goal of 'me time' where I actually have to stop and allow myself to be present and focus on my yoga was great! (with 2 kids life can get busy!)
I highly recommend Lisa and Whispa Wellness... do something nice for yourself... I dare you!

Amanda Boweden

I have been practicing yoga with Lisa for 2 years. The past 8 months has all been online, and she still somehow manages to make a safe and calm space virtually.
I love that her classes can be completed by anyone at any level.

I started as a total beginner and after two years still find myself being challenged and making progress during each class.
Lisa has a beautiful soul, she brings a sense of calm and warmth to every class, and ensures everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Lisa’s classes to anyone wanting to try yoga! Namaste

Laura Edith

A friend suggested I try Lisa’s yoga classes and admittedly I was hesitant having not enjoyed yoga previously, but I am so glad I did.
I am now participating in her online classes which are fantastic. Lisa has a wonderful style and these classes are engaging and inclusive. You get a great workout, goals to work towards and plenty of guidance in a nurturing online environment. These classes have been a positive experience for me.
I am sleeping better, much calmer and am noticing I am more flexible. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough!

Marika Kocsis

Meet Lisa Villanueva

Since the start of her career Lisa has been a great advocate of self-care, self-help and self-love. Regardless of the setting, be it massaging Hollywood Celebrities in 5 star resort spas to her travels to India where she undertook a highly intensive yoga practice study, Lisa has held wellness at the heart of her career, business and travel paths.

Lisa’s passion for helping people heal both physically and mentally is the reason she has dedicated the past 12 years of her work in achieving exactly that. In the preceding 12 years Lisa has undertaken two forms of physical and spiritual healing, massage and yoga classes to create her own business Whispa Wellness.

Lisa has built a loyal following of yogi’s and clients through her calming presence, natural teaching ability and extensive experience as a massage therapist.

When not on her yoga mat with “Princess” (the family cat) or by the massage table, Lisa can invariably be found trekking the mountains in Nepal or catching some rays on the white sands of Mexico. Her love for travel has taken her all over the world and strengthened her love of yoga as it is practiced in many cultures and by all walks of life. Lisa hopes to continue sharing this love with all her fellow yogis and clients and helping them achieve their own inner peace, tranquillity and harmony.

Her classes are open to anyone, any age, any ability, any shape and any mindset.